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Cemyln’s new album “All These Dreams” is now on release.
To listen to a sample of the tracks and find how to buy it just click on “The Album” page,
and keep an eye on the tour dates because Cemlyn has quite a few gigs coming up soon.
We’ve added a new page just for videos. To view, click on the “Videos” button below
to go to our brand new video page and see the new video for “Blind Leading the Blind”
where you can also see the video for “All These Dreams” Also see 4 tracks recorded at
the legendary “Songs from the Shed” on a freezing cold day in January with Cemlyn being
backed by amongst others Jim Milne from Tractor. Despite some really good press reviews
we are finding it really difficult to get airplay for the album, someone has come up with the
idea of a facebook campaign to persuade Radio 2 to give Cemlyn a try. Seems like a good idea to us.
To see the press reviews of the album click here